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Bill Allen,
Editor in Chief of
National Geographic,
talking about photographs for his magazine:

  “You can never
  have too many

[First person to email
me the source of this
quote gets an auto-
graphed copy of the
FONZ issue with the
meerkat cover.]

We have a winner!
Congratulations to
JF Leinweber of
Flörsheim-Dalsheim, Germany, the f
irst person to identify the source of the above
quote.  To see the source of the
quoation, click here.

Meerkats Rule !!!

   updated June 19, 2008
Meerkat Resources  Articles, photos, sounds, more.  
We will try to keep these references up to date.  If you can suggest
other resources, or find an error here, please let us know.

Note.  We list Meerkat videos you can download on a separate page, here.

»»  The Discovery Animal Planet site has lots of material on meerkats and on the Meerkat
      Manor TV series.  Start here.  Explore that page. Be sure to scroll down in the burrow
      way underground.

»»  Discovery Animal Planet UK.  Meerkat Manor started showing first in Great Britain, came
     to the U.S. later.  Their site has lots of material not available on the U.S. Animal Planet site,
     begin here, then explore the site by clicking on "Flash*" or "HTML" in the middle of the page.
     Their excellent meerkat screen saver is here.

»»  National Geographic.  Much stuff at See their mammals page
      for a beautiful photo of pup with babysitters, available as a screensaver, general
      description of the animal, "fast facts", map of their home range, video of meerkats vs
      puff adder, printable factsheet, access to other material. Don't miss the online resource
      page here for the article on meerkats in the 2002 issue National Graphic, the resource
      page deserves some digging, there is a wealth of words, photos, sound, personal stories
      there, plan on spending hours to do the site justice.

»»  Important to all of us is Pam Bennett-Wallberg's Fellow Earthlings' Wildlife Center, see
      her web site at  Pam is this country's outstanding meerkat expert,
      and for many years she has run the only meerkat rescue center in the U.S.  Pam and her
      work deserve our strong support.  See her newsletter here.  The Meerkat Motto from her site:

»»  Best source for meerkat information. was started by Evi
      and other volunteers who had worked 
at Cambridge University's meerkat research site in
      the Kalahari Desert.  With Evi as the 
webmaster, this site has grown to be home of
      "Friends of the Kalahari Meerkats" and the definitive source of 
information on meerkats
      and in particular the meerkat mobs we have come to know 
through Meerkat Manor, filmed
      at the Kalahari Meerkat Project research site at the Kruman River Reserve, in the Kalahari
      Desert, in northwest corner of South Africa.

»  Recommended.  Evi's highly personal web site, a beautiful, detailed
      first-hand description of
the University of Cambridge Meerkat Project and life with the
      meerkats and the researchers there.  Don't miss:

     Also do not miss Evi's blog at and in particular the Christmas 2006
     story there, about helping a village in Cambodia.  I wish 
I had thought to ask for a Christmas
     present as beautiful as the one she shows in her blog!

Expeditions to observe and help wild animals.  An East Coast Meerkat Society
who has been there reports these trips are excellent.  See

 »» Serious information, worth exploring: LARG (Large Animal Research Group), Department
Zoology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge, England.  Start here, more
Try a Science Magazine search on meerkats, here.  A search of Google Scholar here
488 published academic papers on meerkats.  Enough digging, I'm not a meerkat.

»»  Click here to listen to a 4-minute sound clip from National Public Radio's Weekend Edition
for Saturday, November 25, 2006, Charming Animals, with Issues: 'Meerkat Manor' .

»»  View the promo video from the
      Lion King 1-1/2 here.  Stills 
      from the video showing Timon
      the meerkat and his family at
      right.  We all know Timon was
      the true star of the Lion King!

Lion King 1-1/2
»»  Zoos.  Try a Google search for "meerkat zoo" click here.  Examples of what you'll find:
      Oakland CA Zoo, Nashville TN Zoo, Fort Worth TX Zoo, National Zoo, Washington DC,
      Knoxville TN ZooMeerkat cam, Marwell Zoo, Winchester, England, Video, Barcelona,
      Spain Zoo
we can't forget the great San Diego CA Zoo.  Meerkats are more than cute
      animals, their 
community behavior is the subject of serious research, for example here.  
      The Google 
search engine lists about 177,000 entries for "meerkat zoo".
»»  We have made a start.  Send us feedback.

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