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A personal statement.

I am in awe of these videos.
These are excellent documentary
film works, due in large part to the
special character, rich cooperative
behavior and family ties of the
meerkats who star in them.
          -Gene Gaines

The 45-minute A Meerkat Family
 is, in my view, an exquisite
documentary film.  Dark,
upsetting, but perfection.  
I will
never forget Mother, Father,
Digger, Grace, and Ginger, nor
film maker and producer team
Lynne and Philip Richardson,
and the great continuing work
of Survival Anglia. This family
-- fellow earthlings all -- will
always be carried in a special
place in my heart.

 (The above is a personal  statement.  
I have a BS in photography, have
worked as a documentary film maker,
have an Academy Award Honorable
Mention to my credit.)

Meerkats Rule !!!    

  This page in memory of Ginger

Updated 01/27/2007
Meerkat videos
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Where Meerkats Live
Showing the harsh reality of the
Kalahari Desert,
a brief air flight
and drive 
entering the Central
Kalahari Game Reserve through
the Matswere Entrance.  
2 min 30 sec.  Courtesy
Patience ... this loads a large wmv video file
A Meerkat Family Saga
A 1997 Discovery Networks documentary that features the trials of "Digger"
aka "Little-Boy" and his family as they struggle to survive. This is a very dark
but realistic look at the lives of this small group Meerkats, should be viewed
with discretion.
 I suggest you view this video first before showing to children.
Many grownups find this film extremely upsetting.
 Until the end.  

This is Digger's story -- a meerkat with the spirit of giants, of  the tragedy of
his family lost, and a new family found.

   44 min 37 sec

Mutual of Omaha's
Wild Kingdom: Meerkats Unmasked Part 1
Join Simon King, a wildlife film-maker, on a year long study of "Digger"
and "Momma" and their small meerkat family as he follows and
documents their everyday lives.

   27 min 7 sec

Mutual of Omaha's
Wild Kingdom: Meerkats Unmasked Part 2

Part 2 of Simon King's year-long study of South African gang of meerkats. Remarkable film.

   17 min 33 sec

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