We are a small, 
  all-volunteer organization
  dedicated to providing
  assistance to meerkats 
  zoos and in the wild. We
  are on hiatus now, but
  please contact us if we
  can help you in any way
  relating to meerkats.
Ungulungo Group Sunning, The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project, Oudtshoorn, South Africa updated 2010-08-20


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Vickie Patman has created beautiful
jewelry pieces.
Vickie works in sterling silver and gold, see examples below.  
We can put you in touch with Vickie.


The East Coast Meerkat
Society is an informal
group who share a
passionate interest in

We work together to turn our passion into projects to better the lives of meerkats
in our zoos and those who research meerkats in the Kalahari desert.

Our group was started
in December 2006.  

The first project we took on was to raise the funds to rebuild the meerkat enclosure at the Staten Island Zoo, NY, one of the smallest and oldest zoos in the country, a beautiful jewel of a place, with their meerkats in an enclosure that was far from ideal.  

We completed the fund-
raising in six months, and
the beautiful new Staten Island Zoo meerkat enclosure was dedicated Sat., Sep. 29. 2007, see photos in right column.

Why the name "East Coast Meerkat Society"?

We first met Dec. 2, 2006, at the National Zoo in Washington DC, on the
U.S. East Coast
. We thought about a name,
and decided that everyone is on the east coast of something.

All are welcome to join,
no fees, no dues, just
a love for meerkats.

To become a member,
email us at friend@meerkatsrule.org


The map below shows the locations of visitors who
have come to this site
since November 2008.


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    We will not give your name or email address to others.

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   Master Meerkat has set up a chat room for the East Coast Meerkat Society where you can keep up with people and meerkats, add your thoughts, comments, click here to go there.

   Staten Island Zoo.  The original "Three Amigos" that we came to love have lived out their
lives and passed away.  So our Three Amigos -- Jellybean, Sebastian, and Rupert -- are gone
but the sight of these three so excited exploring their new enclosure, playing for the first time
in sand, digging, burrowing, and totally enjoying their new enclosure will live on with many of us.  
The Staten Island Zoo received eight new 2-year-old meerkats.  They're beautifiul!  

 Meerkat Manor Season 4 finished long ago.  Animal Planet declared they were taking a
hiatus before beginning to film Season 5, but their wait "for a few months" has stretched into several years.  We know there were contract disputes and internal fights over ownership and distribution control.  Such a shame, as Meerkat Manor was far and away Animal Planet's most popular and successful television series, and we cannot believe they would not keep it going.  We'll see.

   See videos of the ABC and CBS shows on meerkats (described below).  Click here for the
ABC Nightline show, click here to view the CBS Late Late Show on YouTube, click here for the
follow-up piece on ABC News.  You'll get to see star vignettes by two of our most distinguished
ECMS Board of Directors members, Mary Xanthos and Jess Macintyre.

   Meerkats on the CBS Late Late Show sort of happened on June 11, 2008.  The Late Late Show's host Craig Ferguson had scheduled an interview with Stockard Channing, the new narrator for Meerkat Manor Season 4.  A number of ECMS West Coast members showed up, of course with Jess Macintyre.  Stockard mentioned she had never seen a meerkat.  That started
things..  Waving their meerkat fans (click here to see a fan), the studio audience became the
attraction, clearly meerkat experts. Ferguson seemed delighted, and the rest of the evening was
devoted to talk about meerkats.  

   ABC Nightline TV aired a lovely story on meerkats and why people love them on June 9, 2008,
including visitd with ECMS cofounder veterinarian Mary Xanthos in New York City; a
visit with
Rafikki, Kendi
, and Pam at the Fellow Earthlings meerkat sanctuary in California; a gathering of
ECMS members in Los Angeles; and the Meerkat Manor TV series producer.  To view the Nightline
segment click here.

  Beautiful!  A YouTube video created
by Meerkatgirl123 to mourn the passing
of Sebastian.  Click here to watch it.

   The Kalahari Meerkat Project, Cambridge
University research group that studies the
meerkat families we follow on TV and have
come to love, has a "friends" web site rich
in meerkat resources to help support the
researchers, see 
 In the U.S., Meerkat Manor TV covered
Flower's passing on Sep. 28, 2007.  The next
East Coast Meerkat Society members
joined in a simultaneous "Meerkat Meet-Up" at
zoos around the country to honor the memory
of Flower and dedicate the new meerkat
enclosure at the Staten Island Zoo to Flower.

   Our Meerkat Makeover fundraising campaign in partnership with the Staten Island Zoo to build
a new enclosure for their "Three Amigos" has been completed.  We reached the fundraising goal
set by the zoo, the renovation has been finished, and the new meerkat habitat was opened on
Saturday, Sep. 29, 2007, with a ceremony dedicating the enclosure to Flower.

  To appreciate meerkats, one needs to understand the Kalahari Desert where they live.  We know
of no better way than to spend time at Evi's
pangolin.li web site with her beautiful words and
photographs, her personal account of the Cambridge University meerkat research project and her
time there.  (Evi also is webmaster for the www.kalahari-meerkats.com site.)

Zoogoer, print publication of FONZ, friends of the U.S. National Zoo, Washington DC, had a
magnificent article, photos on meerkats in the Jan-Feb 2007 issue. The article is on the FONZ
web site, read it here.  FONZ kindly donated a dozen autographed copies of the magazine for  our
auction to benefit our Staten Island Zoo meerkat makeover project.

Where we meet.  East Coast Meerkat Society (ECMS) people hang out at two online forums.
Our home burrow is Meerkat Forum at
meerkatcrew.meerkatsrule.org.  For general discussions of
Meerkat Manor, there is community.discovery.com/eve/forums/a/cfrm/f/2921965038 where a more
general audience follow and discuss the Meerkat Manor series.

     How can this site be useful to you?
When you come across interesting meerkat stuff,
     let us know, we will post a link to it.
 Email friend@meerkatsrule.org.

Flower's Memorial Book -- "Remembering When"
East Coast Meerkat Society member Valerie Martinelli has created this magnificent,
inspiring, moving book, 35 pages of photographs, writings, drawings by adults and
children (we call em pups), all expressions of
each person's love for Flower.  The book was

created using online publishing company
Picaboo.  To open and view the entire
book online without charge,
click here.

The Remembering When book may be
purchased in two sizes, as a large 11x8.5-
inch bound hardcover book, and in a smaller
8x6-inch softcover version.  
We no longer
stock these books, email us and we will 
send you instructions on how to order from
Picaboo and receive a 30 percent discount.

Meerkat Stained Glass
Magnificent stained glass works created
by East Coast Meerkat Society member, Ohio artist Herbee O'Connell. 

Flower Memorial

The "Flower" Memorial 
A work of love, a memorial to the meerkat named Flower, matriarch of  the Whiskers family.  In meerkat terms she was the dominant female of the Whiskers mob.  Flower died after being bitten by a snake. Her passing was a terrible shock, for so many loved her so much.

Flower was the heroine of the Meerkat Manor television series that introduced many of us to meerkats.  It was watching her live, forage, love, play, bear young, fight to defend her territory, her work in leading her family, maintaining the tight family discipline needed to survive in the harsh Kalahari Desert, Africa, that taught us to care so strongly for these little creatures.

An extraordinary work, 34 stained glass pieces, handmade, numbered and signed, created to honor Flower.



Stained glass figures
6.5 in. tall, individually
signed and dated by
the artist.

Made by hand.  Each
is different in shading
and glass coloration.

Price $30.  

Contact us for order

The people who volunteered their time on an uncompensated basis to operate the web
store to raise funds for our projects have had to suspend our store
for a while.  We still
have some stock of African jewelry, meerkat plush figures, etc., and if you want to
purchase anything, please contact us at the phone number or email address below.
Jan 8, 2010.

If you have an interest in meerkats, join us.  No dues.  All are welcome,

no matter your age, or what coast or country your burrow is located in.
  To join or ask questions, email or phone us.

East Coast Meerkat Society

Ocala, Florida and Sterling, Virginia

Tel.: 352-553-4247      Email: friend@meerkatsrule.org 

East Coast Meerkat Society is an informal group sharing a passionate interest in meerkats.
We raise funds to better the lives of meerkats and the researchers who study them.
  Copyright 2010 East Coast Meerkat Society     Email Webmaster

    Above, the new Staten Island Zoo meerkat enclosure.
Click here for larger versions
of above, several are videos.
Click here for videos of the Three Amigos digging.
Click here for videos of Sebastian standing guard.

Want more about meerkats?

Click here for current news stories about meerkats.
Click here for new photos, videos about meerkats.

History of East Coast Meerkat Society Meetups
Click here

     The East Coast Meerkat Society exists to help meerkats and the zoos that care for them. In our heartfelt desire to better the lives of these endearing creatures, we understand it can be tempting to want to criticize or pressure zoos in hopes of generating action. We have found this to be counterproductive. 
     Our policy is to work behind the scenes, quietly, in partnership with zoos, in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their animals. 
     Public rebukes of zoos and the individuals who work there are a sure way to shut down the helpful dialog that we have found is the only way to get meaningful changes instituted that help the animals. We prefer to work cooperatively with zoos as allies, rather than adversaries.
     Striving to support zoos and their people in working towards a common purpose of bettering the lives of captive meerkats is the "modus operandi" of the ECMS.
     If you wish to let us know about a problem with a zoo, or a way in which we may be able to help meerkats in a particular zoo, please let us know though a private e-mail or phone call. This will best enable us to begin quiet work to positively engage the zoo and effect the desired changes.

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Staten Island Zoo meerkat naming contest
Our contest to pick names for the three meerkats
at the Staten Island Zoo 
was done through voting
on our
East Coast Meerkat Lovers Unite! forum
on the
Discovery Channel's web site.

Names were proposed by our
members, winnowed
down, sent to the meerkat keepers at the Staten
Island Zoo who selected the names
they thought
best fit the animals, then our members voted
to select the final three.   Winning names:
Sebastian, Rupert.

Staten Island Zoo construction
Photos below were taken during construction
of the Staten Island Zoo meerkat enclosure,
courtesy Bob Kurtz, Staten Island Zoo Curator.


2008-2009 Desk Calendar "Flower - Her Story"

The little meerkat Flower was so important to us
that we created a 2008 desk calendar, with a color
photo for each month, to tell the story of Flower --
Queen of the Kalahari Desert.

We sold out our 2008 Flower calendars, produced
a 2008-2009 version, sold that out also.  

Click here to see. the 2008-2009 calendar pages,
beautiful, rare photos of Flower, meerkats and
researchers at the Kalahari
Research Project,
and the Staten Island Zoo meerkats